Young boy decorating tree
Kids making ornaments
Mayor Gonnellli (seated) with Tommy Schwarz and John Buckner
Scout members typing on an old typewriter
Scouts playing with an old Singer Sewing Machine
Scouts playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots
Scout posing on barber chair wearing a fire helmut
Secaucus Boy Scouts Troupe 87
Two girls playing Rockem Sockem Robots.
Mother and daughter with caricature portrait.
Laurel Hill Plaque
Mayor Mike Gonnelli and museum directors (from left to right): Charlene Hallam, Anna Schwarz, John Bruckner, Tommy Schwarz and Scott Schaffer.
Tony's Old Mill Plaque
Family at the Unveiling
Jack Treacy and Family
Friends and Family
John Bueckner and Jack Treacy
The Secaucus Town Museum Christmas Tree.
Father and daughter admiring the ornament they made.
A happy couple with their ornament.
A Secaucus boy hanging his newly made ornament.
Secaucus residents posing for a family photo.
A proud girl posing with her ornament.
Washing Machine - First manufactured by Maytag in 1951
Museum Director Tommy Schwarz giving free ice cream ticket to Secaucus resident Jim Foley.
Mother and children enjoying some interactive exhibits at the 4th Anniversary Celebration.
Young girl displaying her ice cream ticket and ballon at the 4th Anniversary Celebration.
School desk
Old Street Signs
Phone Booth - Circa 1940
Old Stove - Circa 1940
Koken Barber Chair, circa 1912. Donated to the museum by the Ponti Family and dedicated in memory of Fred Ponti.
Picture of Titanic
Rich Romano with his Titanic Collection
Titanic Memorabilia
St. Valentine’s Day Norman Rockwell Exhibit - 02/12/2022
Kids enjoying a Valentine’s Day Treat at the Norman Rockwell Exhibit
Trolley Park Plaque
Mayor Mike Gonnelli with museum directors and town council.
Folks watching the Snake Hill Movie at the EPOS Center, March 2021
Visitors at the museum watching trains, March 2021
Child viewing the trains from the observation stairs, March 2021
Relatives of Harold R. Heitzman, US Navy, dedicating awards and medals, March 2021
Locomotive on display at the museum
Dough Keeper circa 1900
Old photography camera and old equipment donated by Hamid Sham
Folks watching the “Snake Hill” movie at the EPOS Center, May 2021
Museum Directors join town officials to dedicate the “Celery King” Plaque. From left to right are: Councilman Bill McKeever, Raymond Ciecuich, Tom Schwarz, Mayor Mike Gonnelli, Anna Schwarz, Scott Schaffer, George Broemmer, Councilman Jim Clancy and Councilman John Bueckner.
Joining Mayor Mike Gonnelli are members of the Sebastian Meisch Family. From left to right: Ralph Block, Mayor Gonnelli, Dottie Heflich and John Heflich.
After the dedication the Meisch Family visited the museum. From left to right: John Heflich, Ralph Block, Dottie Heflich and Angela.
Museum Director Tom Schwarz and Councilman John Bueckner with members of the Ladies Auxiliary.
Councilwoman Orietta Tringali with the Ladies Auxiliary.
Jacquelin Lynn Frank presenting Museum Director Tom Schwarz with donation.
Miscellaneous fire hats and toys
Henry Krajewski's glass and private whiskey stock.
Mayor Paul Amico's desk
Old cash register
Columbia Grafonola circa 1915
Mayor Gonnelli donated his own fireman’s uniform and gear, and brought his grandson Robert to see it.
Visitors before the Thursday night concert.
Artist posing with her winning picture.
Secaucus resident posing with fireman’s exhibit.
First time visitors before the concert.
Mayor Gonnelli with Museum Directors.
Museum visitors enjoying music by Cliff.
Father and children typing on old typewriter.
Visitors reminiscing about the good old times.
George Broemmer and John Bueckner with old friends.
Singer Sewing Machine


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